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lots of head strokingeye contactchancesruindenialpost orgasm torturepossible restart
Chances JOIP: Olivia Rodrigo and Julia Merekoulias play with your head
Lpotential breathplay potential cbteyecontactfemdom to femsub
Madelyn Cline at the MTV Awards (Assplay Chance based and Choice Ending)
XLhard cbtpost orgasm torturepalmingedginghead focused joipfrenulum stroking
Selena Gomez and Scarlett Johansson focus on the head (chance ending)
Mcbtpossible ceislight breath playfemdomquizedging
Princess Rene let’s Goddess Cobie dominate you! (chance)
XLdaisy ridleyemma watson
Femdom Point Game feat.and Elizabeth Olsen
XLmulti pathmulti cumruinself facialbreath playsissycbtassplayencouragementceifemdomhumiliationdenial
Game JOIP: 50/50 chance paths with 8 mystery girls

A collection of JOIs containing risk, coin flip and dice related games.