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"Mistress Poki" by bobdole1969

Oh so you are the lucky guy who won my 3M twitch followers raffle! It's so nice to finally meet you. And I see you are a tier 3 sub as well! I guess you really must love my content if that's the case. So you might be wondering what was all this for, well to put it simple you won exactly this, a Discord videocall with me. Yeah I know, it doesn't sound like that great of a price but there's a little more to it. You see being a public personality there's not much time and privacy to indulge in the stuff I really love, and you could say this is the thing I love the most in this whole wide world! Yeah I know it's all kinda cryptic and I haven't said what we are doing at all so far, but to be totally honest I'm not telling you at all. You got two options right now. You can either stay here, accept my terms, and stick through it all the way till the end, or you can just leave right now and that's that. I'm not gonna pressure you, I'm not gonna force you to stay; but if you decide to stay you can't leave until I'm done. Understood? I'll give you 1 minute to think it over.

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