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"Olivia Rodrigo Spotted You" by Miles59_

Hi! This is my first public JOIP so sorry if it is not amazing. I tried to put some time into it and made sure to catch as many grammar errors as possible but if you see any leave a comment on the reddit thread and I'll do my best to fix any that I see! Also I'm posting this before I finished the Femsub half of this JOIP, it took me a little longer to write this than I wanted to so I decided to just post the femdom part for now and I'll add in the femsub part as soon as it's finished so sorry about that! Anyway, please enjoy and let me know what I can do better next time!

P.S. Also just realized this is gonna mess up the interactive version on cause it won't have the femsub version so idk what to do about that. Sorry to those of you that prefer to use that website!

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