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"Selena's sissy ft. Pokimane (Optinal CEI &Possible CBT)" by hothotk

Sooo.... you have won my special competition! Your prize is really simple, you can enjoy one sexual experience with me! The only ''downside'' to this price is... well... I decide how this will go!

And since I want to be pleased as well, I want you to be my sissy today!

Because I'm kind of sick of males right now! Justin and the Weeknd, they just ruined males for me.

So today you will be my sissy!

You need:

- A bra (You can use a rope or something around your chest if you don't have one)

- Panties (You can cut up your boxers into a G-string if you don't have panties)

- Something to do anal with (optional)

- A mobile phone or laptop to play this JOIP on

- A timer (You can use a second screen (phone, tv, monitor, ect) as well!)

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